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Aug. 10th, 2008 01:39 pm
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How's My Driving?

Questions/comments/concerns about how I'm playing this character?  Anon is allowed, but I'll take you a lot more seriously if I know who you are.  You can find many ways to contact me here.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy, Curt Wild is somewhere doing something more exciting than talking to you, so fuck off or leave a message.


[ooc: This is also a place to tag with random action...Curt can be found many places, with the Blue Light and Circus Carnivore being the most likely.]

44th Note

Dec. 7th, 2011 10:28 pm
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Dear Santa,

Before we really get started here, I'm just gonna point out that I think it's only fair that you judge me compared to how I normally behave, because on a relative scale I've been almost staggeringly good this year.

With that out of the way, I need a new coffee maker and I want a copy of Orpheé. I could always use more strings and picks, and I definitely wouldn't say no to a new Marshall tube amp. More records are always cool too. My cat would probably like a catnip mouse and something he can scratch the hell out of without me yelling at him. I would also like to find a drummer and for my boyfriend to dominate me, but you probably can't do anything about that.



43rd Note

Nov. 26th, 2011 09:57 pm
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I need a new roommate. Must not mind smoking, mess, bad-tempered cat, noise.

...Or maybe I'll just move back into a studio apartment.

42nd Note

Nov. 12th, 2011 10:06 pm
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[So something is weird about Curt's hair. Also his clothes. But then, there always is, this is just a different weird.]

Yeah, so like, I kind of crashed my saucer. Does anyone know where a guy can get some Inertron around here? Or maybe just a drink.

[ooc: Genre Switch! Curt is still Curt, but IN SPACE. Well, not so much since he's under the impression he had to make an emergency landing on a backwater moon. His sci-fi universe has a retro Buck Rogers feel like the stuff he grew up with, but with bits of pretty much whatever I feel like throwing in. He's currently wearing a silver jumpsuit like this, but under the Jedi-like robes, because, hey, it's cold here planetside. He's also got a red ray gun holstered on his hip and a concealed lightsaber just because.]
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When; October 16th, evening
Rating; PG-13, possibly R in certain threads
Characters; Time Bomb, friends, guests of friends, random people Curt ran into on the street, and party crashers
Summary; Rain or shine--or total lack of shine--the album release party is going forward.
Log;the runaway son of a nuclear A-bomb )

41st Note

Oct. 15th, 2011 10:52 pm
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The sun's gone out and I can blow stuff up with my mind, but that's no reason you can't go out and buy Time Bomb's self-titled debut album.

images under cut )

Yeah, that's right, we actually finished the thing and it's available in CD format and as a very limited-edition vinyl, available in stores or from one of us. Current members include myself--Curt Wild--lead singer and guitarist, Campbell Bain on guitar, Stephen Stills on bass, and Demxy on sitar.  Also appearing on the album is special guest Kim Pine on drums. I'd also like to give some credit to past members including Jun Hiiragi, guitarist way back before we even had the name.

[ooc: Credits for the cover image go to the amazing Veda ([livejournal.com profile] ohsoboring).  'She's Like Poison' and 'Hollow' are actual songs written by the band put together to make Curt's songs for the movie but we're never actually used. Because I'm not the only obsessed fan, you can listen to them on YouTube. The others are ones I've either written snatches of lyrics for or just made up five minutes ago. Tomorrow there's going to be an album release party log. Technically the party is invitation only, but Curt basically invited everyone he knows and told them to bring their friends, plus party crashers are love. And he hasn't actually told anyone yet, but it's my headcanon birthday for him tomorrow...and it's a significant one. Um...also pretend that there are several NPCs mentioned in this entry and the liner notes--it makes sense for him to have had other band members/studio musicians involved at various points.]

40th Note

Oct. 1st, 2011 05:55 pm
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I guess understand why some people find today annoying. But I like it. Why wouldn't I want to see my old friends and meet some new people. Plus, I've never had anyone show up from home, which is...sorta good, sorta not.

[Curt shrugs. He holds up a gnarled stick.]

Anyway, at the risk of sounding morbid or metaphysical, I'm looking for Death-with-a-capital-D, who should recognize this branch came from and of course I'm hoping to see the one who gave it to me the last time we had one of these things. So I'll be sitting on the steps of building 10 if anyone wants to say hi.

[ooc: Anything goes :) If Death is around he is particularly welcome--even though they've never interacted, Penny kept talking about him.]

39th Note

Sep. 24th, 2011 09:12 pm
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I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm back to normal.

Except for the whole seeing things thing.

[ooc: Curt's pretty emotional all across the board--and after a few visions of home (and Brian) he's colorizing pretty much everything he comes in contact with.]

38th Note

Sep. 15th, 2011 09:06 pm
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Man, yesterday was weird. We matched. Okay, yeah I guess that would be one way to stop looking like we all accidentally wandered onstage from different bands, but still. Never again. It was also pretty weird playing the kind of rock'n'roll music I heard as a kid. I mean, that was obviously a direct influence for me, but it's not like I was old enough to be really into it, you know? I think I remember Buddy Holly dying better than I remember Buddy Holly. I don't think it's until you're a teenager that the music you listen to starts to feel like something important. Sure, I wanted to be a rock star sometimes, but I wanted to be a lot of things. I didn't ask my parents for a guitar until I was fourteen, I was just always banging on the pots and everything.

I haven't had hair that short since I was a little kid, either.

37th Note

Aug. 31st, 2011 08:47 pm
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[Curt flops back in a leaf pile and grins up at the camera. Leaves continue to fall on top of him]

Feels pretty good.

[Filtered to Time Bomb]

So what are we calling this thing? I guess we can always go for a self-titled album...

[ooc: Because it's totally time they were done recording that album. I am currently open to song name suggestions. Obviously it'll have to sound like it fits in for me to use it.]

36th Note

Aug. 20th, 2011 11:59 pm
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In case any of you were wondering why I do what I do, this song says it all. You'll here plenty from parents and teachers and all about the corrupting influence of rock music and it's not like I don't know my life doesn't look like a good argument against that, but my life was saved by rock and roll and I think it still is, every day.

35th Note

Jul. 23rd, 2011 09:01 pm
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I guess if it's going to keep snowing like this I might as well stay in and try to write some songs. Just one or two more, I think that's all the album really needs, though I'd rather only have one old song on there rather than a couple. So yeah, closer and closer.

I write songs quickly, when I'm in the right mood or sufficiently motivated. Song after song. Back when I was with the Ratz I wrote half our first album's songs in pretty much a day because we lied to the guy from the label about how much material we had. I mean, it's not like I'm composing symphonies or anything, but a lot of people take longer. They fuss over words or just the right lick or whatever, but I almost always just get it all out at once. Yeah, I might have bits of six things by tomorrow and have to toss most of thing for being absolute shit, but that'll still leave something I can polish up over the next few days and it's done. My head is always full of noise--it's a relief to get some of it out. Sometimes it's like I just have to shut up and listen to what's already there. Which sounds easy on paper, I guess, but I don't always want to face what's there.

34th Note

Jul. 4th, 2011 06:35 pm
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Party tonight on the roof of Building 10, from 6:30pm-whenever. We've got a grill going, but only a limited amount of food and drink so no admittance unless you bring something to contribute. Go ahead and bring your teacups but they better be filled with booze.

[ooc: action responses are love]

33rd Note

Jun. 18th, 2011 08:44 pm
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 It's always nice to see new faces, though I guess it's the old faces I'm really looking for. I guess...this is my chance to tell the universe that I'm doing pretty okay right now and I just hope things are going well for everyone else.

32nd Note

Jun. 8th, 2011 10:10 pm
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[Ahem. Voice clearing. This is an important announcement.]

Brian Slade.


Wait, what? That's n--goddam fucking why the hell stupid hair--and I left. Me.  Wanting to possibly see him again isn't in the same league as--shit [sounds of kicking a chair, accidentally knocking over and breaking lamp] Oh, for--who am I even trying to kid?


So, yeah, okay, fair enough.

31st Note

May. 27th, 2011 09:30 pm
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So if we started selling t-shirts at Time Bomb shows, who would actually buy one?

[Time Bomb Filter]

We need to have a band meeting soon. Or we can just discuss stuff over the Network if everyone is feeling lazy.

30th Note

May. 14th, 2011 06:15 pm
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[The camera pans across several shopping bags, including one obviously from a lingerie store, and a few shoe boxes. One of the upside down shoe boxes moves a little and Beast, Curt's cat, pokes his not-entirely-attractive head out for a moment. The camera then points over to the bathroom sink, which is home to a scattered assortment of cosmetics, including an open tube of red lipstick. Finally, it pans up to the mirror, revealing a woman with bleach-blonde hair pointing a Network device at herself. She is wearing a very low-cut top and smirking suggestively.]

Hey there.

29th Note

Apr. 27th, 2011 08:48 pm
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So...I think at this point I'm like 75% sure there wasn't actually a flying saucer earlier, which means this is probably real, which means I have to be back in the City, right?

Crap, I hope I remember where my apartment is...

Wait, I don't have keys. Campbell?

28th Note

Mar. 30th, 2011 08:34 pm
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So I know there's more important stuff to worry about and I'm looking for a safe place to wait things out, but I can't help but wonder who is and who isn't still a member of my band. I'm pretty much always looking for musicians with experience in rock bands or any interest in rock music whatsoever, since it's hard to get people to stick around around here.

Cat ran off, fyi, but that's nothing unusual and it's probably better at taking care of itself than I am.

27th Note

Mar. 27th, 2011 11:45 pm
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[Curt Wild has something to prove, and that something is that he rocks harder than anyone else, no matter how cursed they are. He also is proving that he looks the best in tight silver pants. The concert is somewhat thrown together considering the band mostly formed the day before, but on the other hand there are suddenly plenty of people able to handle the business end of things and he was able to take his pick of musicians. This is, now, the moment of truth, as he attempts to get through a slower and grungier song than normal, the one he never quite finished recording after that last fight with Brian,the one he forgot during that month of memory loss. There  is, surprisingly, no glitter in evidence. Less surprisingly, neither is Curt's shirt.]

Take my hand
Come on and take it now
Take my hand
Let’s get unreal
Come with me
Oh won’t you come?
Come with me
And we’ll find some kind of thrill
Some other thrill
To make it all unreal
All unreal

[ooc: The concert post, as promised here. I just got back from vacation so there will be a lot of backdating because I'm exhausted. Band members  [info]Campbell Bain, [info]Stephen Stills, [info]Mai, and [info]Demyx  plus[info]Hanna using fire which I'm sure will totally end well. Very much open to audience members whether groupies or hecklers.]


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